my Philosophy


The intention is to create a new way of wearing jewellery which can be transformed whenever and however the person wearing it likes.
Just one piece with a myriad of possibilities: from earrings to a pendant; from a pendant to a bracelet.
So you can play around with your jewellery and swap it with your loved ones.


Creating jewellery is an activity that requires great commitment and is very exciting.
I love creating unusual combinations of precious stones and this is why I want to share this pleasure with you. If you want to, you can choose which stones to set in your piece of jewellery and make it a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece.


Four generations of my family have worked as goldsmiths and jewellers in Florence and gained recognition worldwide. My personal passion is for precious stones which led to me gaining a diploma in the field of gemmology in the “Classification and analysis of Diamonds” at the IGI Institute in Milan
For my creations, I have chosen the best that the goldsmithing traditions of Florence have to offer: the best stone setters, the best goldsmiths and, of course, the precious stones selected with the utmost care and attention. To obtain the highest quality in the gems, the materials and the creative techniques. The perfect piece of jewellery just as I had imagined it.


A part of ourselves, of our experiences and the values that guide us are reflected in the symbols which represent us and the ones which attract us.
The triangle is the magic symbol to which I have always been linked: my three children, the Holy Trinity, my three mentors and the events in my life.
The inspiration for the jewels that I create stems from this archetype. 
In each one of them, my past, present and future are preserved in a symbolic embrace.


I can think of nothing better than sharing with others the positive things that happen to us in life. This is why I have decided to donate part of the proceeds from the purchase of Maria Gaia Piccini jewellery to the organisation SOHO – Sparks Of Happiness Onlus. In this way, you contribute towards the building of orphanages and Day Care Centres in second and third world countries. The organisation, made up entirely of volunteers, was set up by three women, Federica, Claudia and Karine, for whom I can personally vouch.