Maria Gaia Piccini Pontevecchio - Dante & Beatrice


Two unique pieces that become one

In the end, the tides of life come full circle and take us back to the people who are the most important to us.
Like the relationships between people who depend on each other, where two unique individuals come together, just as every piece of jewellery in this collection can be joined with another one to create something even more precious.
The Liaison collection is dedicated to the invisible threads that link us to one another.
Play around with the pieces and create your own unique combination and have fun swapping them with your loved ones.

Maria Gaia Piccini Pontevecchio - Marcantoio & Cleopatra

To love means to fight

The Marcantonio & Cleopatra piece is a triangular pendant to be worn in a variety of ways: from a necklace to a bracelet with a charm. It can be combined with a fabric or leather cord for the men’s version.

Maria Gaia Piccini Pontevecchio - Dante & Beatrice

Poetry in motion

The Dante & Beatrice series includes earrings and pendants made from versatile, interchangeable circles and triangles. They can all be combined and are available in a variety of materials and precious stones.

Maria Gaia Piccini Pontevecchio - Paolo & Francesca

Fill a page with love

The Paolo & Francesca pendant is made up of combinations of circles and triangles. The originality lies in the possibility of swapping and interlinking the pieces however you like, so that the person wearing them can share the pieces with their loved ones.

Maria Gaia Piccini Pontevecchio - Fred & Ginger

Come dance with me

The Fred & Ginger earrings and pendant are made of interchangeable triangles in yellow gold studded with precious stones.