The jewellery that is you

Jewellery and stars shine silently.
They are precious and unique like the lives of each and every one of us.
This is why I gave the jewellery in the collection Indossame the names of constellations.
Each one can be worn in different ways to reflect your mood every day.

Gaia Piccini

Past, present, future

The Virgo earrings and pendant are in rose gold. The front is burnished and consists of three different triangles with precious and semi-precious stones which can be personalised in any type of gold.

Maria Gaia Piccini Pontevecchio - Michelangelo

For the knights of the Third Millennium

The Michelangelo cufflinks in the shape of a double triangle are available in any kind of gold and with precious stones of your choice.

Maria Gaia Piccini Pontevecchio - Andromeda

Wear your own style

The Andromeda bracelet in white gold is made up of small triangles with diamonds and a double-sided triangle in the centre with precious stones of your choice.

Maria Gaia Piccini Pontevecchio - Lyra

Harmony is what resonates in all of us

The Lyra earrings are available in the medium size in pink gold with brown diamonds, and the large size in white gold with diamonds. Simple and practical to wear, they are perfect no matter what the occasion.

Maria Gaia Piccini Pontevecchio - Vela

Go wherever the wind takes you

Vela jewellery is versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways: with the top of the triangle pointing inwards towards yourself or outwards. It can be turned into a pendant if combined with a necklace.