maria gaia piccini

A new way to wear jewellery

Each one of us is unique.
Every second of our lives is unrepeatable and far too precious to waste.
My jewellery is conceived to be transformed whatever the occasion: from earrings to pendant, from pendant to bracelet.

Play around with the pieces of jewellery and have fun swapping them with your loved ones.

my story

My name is Maria Gaia Piccini and I am the proud mother of three children: Ginevra, Benedetta and Michelangelo.
My family, the Piccini, is one of the oldest jeweller families in Florence with several shops on the Ponte Vecchio.
I have always nurtured a passion for anything beautiful, for jewellery and precious stones.

Throughout my life, I have dedicated myself to my family, to real estate and personal growth, helping people achieve and realise their dreams…

And then, at the age of forty-nine, in Florence, the city where I was born, I decided to create my own jewellery collection.

Maria Gaia Piccini Pontevecchio - Marcantonio & Cleopatra

the triangle

The figure I love most of all

The inspiration for the jewellery that I create stems from this archetype.
Within it, I preserve the symbolic embrace of my past, of the here and now, and the future.
A part of ourselves, of our experiences and the values that guide us are always expressed in the symbols we use and the ones which attract us.

These objects are magic by nature.
Their voices can only have a meaning for those who are willing to comprehend their value.

Choose your combination of stones and turn the jewellery that you wear into something unique just like you.

Maria Gaia Piccini Pontevecchio - Sparks of Happiness Onlus


Maria Gaia Piccini supports SOHO

I can think of nothing better than sharing with others the positive things that happen to us in life. This is why I have decided to donate part of the proceeds from the purchase of Maria Gaia Piccini jewellery to the organisation SOHO – Sparks Of Happiness Onlus. In this way, you contribute towards the building of orphanages and Day Care Centres in second and third world countries. The organisation, made up entirely of volunteers, was set up by three women, Federica, Claudia and Karine, for whom I can personally vouch.